It had been almost three years since my first post on Everything Cigars, an exhilarating experience going through all the different cigars. Although it had been fun, I have to put an indefinite hold on any new posts,

Work and travelling had taken up so much that I could no longer have the time to write new blogs. I even had to cut back on regular cigar smoking. On the flip side, smoking less is healthier?

Any way, I hope will be able to post new smokes soon. I thank all the supporters out there.

Wishing all of you a Wonderful Christmas and a great 2018 ahead.



  1. Nathan Kwok

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Alex!! I think it’s not a bad thing to smoke less cigar. People should always enjoy cigar when they have enjoy time. Cigar smoking is meant to be an enjoyment rather than a habit . We always look forward to seeing your new post! Take care and happy smoking!


    • I couldn’t agree more Nathan. 2 weeks ago, I smoked a cigar in sub zero weather. Feet and hands were numb after 15 minutes. Madness really.

  2. Nathan Kwok

    Poor you. You should smoke at indoor place with heater and a hot Chinese Peru. I always prefer to smok at indoor places in order to enjoy the most from a cigar (I know it’s less healthy by doing this).


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