Introduction to the realm of cigar started way back in the late 90’s with a bunch of buddies. The ritual of enjoying a Cuban cigar in a lounge, sipping coffee, was like being in paradise. Fast track to present day, time has changed. Smoking is prohibited almost everywhere in developed countries. Having a good smoking place is like finding a gem. Internet and cell phone transformed the way we communicate and behaved. Going online shop, buying your favorite cigars, shipped to your home has never been easier. Researching and understanding the world of Cigars, is like stomping through a tropical forest, full of interesting sights.

Along the way I discovered a healthier hobby that requires walking in nature and interacting with people. In 2009, I picked up photography of macro objects, nature and family portraits. It was an engaging hobby that requires dedication in time and effort to improve skills, and sort through images when I get too trigger happy. Do check out my photography collection at

This site was started when I pondered how I could keep track of memorable smokes. Years down the road, what would that cigar I smoke looked like? Why did I like that smoke? Where was that interesting website I was reading? So I decided to merge both passions together by using available equipment to take shots of my cigar stash, learned to use WordPress, and created Everything Cigars.

By no mean am I a cigar connoisseur, nor do I have wide experience. I can relate to smokes that gives woody, nutty, floral, spicy, etc. But I have seen other reviews claiming raspberry, honey, etc, which my palate has never detected. Even when I do, I wondered if it was a figment of my imagination. My knowledge and cigars tried, still an infant compared to other cigar aficionado. Nonetheless,  I hope Everything Cigars will be an enjoyable site for all to read, while my journey continues.

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